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Hello world

2015-02-05 13:50:39 by Dakamy

Hello hello!!

Well, I'm new here and I love make some art, so today I'm thinking about of requests of you like:

- Drawn Ib!

- Drawn Hetalia! (Yes I'm Hetalian)

I think nobody will see this, but if you read this, make some request. Please.

Actually I draw ponies, I'll try if you want something different *I can drawn some character like a pony, you know what I'm meaning, yes?*, I really love you all I'll make sure of making you happy.

Thanks everyone and bybye :3




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2015-02-07 07:22:36

Hey ya....I've seen quite a few of ur pony pics so after ur done with celestia I would like to see ur hetalia drawings....I saw ur profile pic drawing too and think ur oc is very nice btw...:)

Dakamy responds:

Thanks Helpi! Yeah the Hetalia one propably it will be ponies too :p or human or both of them.